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Can you do hair coloring when you are pregnant?

Can you do hair coloring when you are pregnant?

During pregnancy, you should stay away from toxic substances as much as possible. Here’s what you need to know about hair coloring when you’re pregnant.

The hair coloring products are far from harmless in terms of toxic substances; if in normal times, the dose of products absorbed by the body is ” acceptable “, during pregnancy, a classic hair coloring must be avoided.

Hair coloring and pregnancy: our advice

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, when using beauty and care products, the precautionary principle prevails. Little is known about the impact of products contained in cosmetics on the embryo development then the growth of the baby. So be careful whenuse of cosmetics or care, even natural.

It is better to avoid any coloring during the first trimester of pregnancy © Jane Nadezhina

During the first three months of pregnancy, no chemicals should not be applied to skin or hair. Indeed, during this first trimester, the embryo completes crucial stages of development and its nervous system is in full construction. Even the essential oils should be avoided at this time.

Likewise, it shouldavoid coloring your hair during the first three months of pregnancy. Thereafter, be careful with the products you use.

What hair color can you use?

Even if they are much less harmful than a few years ago, hair dyes may still contain substances harmful to the body, and a fortiori to the fetus.

It is therefore appropriate toavoid hair dyes derived from chemicals. That is, those that contain the following: silicone, parabens, PEG, paraffin… all these ingredients come from petroleum. We also avoid colorings that contain ammonia (particularly allergenic and irritant), hydrogen peroxide (for discolorations) or synthetic dyes. If you can’t find the list of ingredients, avoid them. coloring kits which contain a developer product, which are necessarily derived from chemistry.

If you really want coloring during your pregnancy, make highlights instead; coloring products will be less in contact with the scalp (therefore less risk for chemicals to enter the blood vessels).

Pregnant, we prefer natural colors

The time of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and even after, prefer natural colors. Beware of manufacturers’ claims, which may mislead consumers. By indicating that certain products are ” formulated with plant extracts », they take care to hide that the colorings still contain chemical substances.

We therefore avoid false vegetable colorings, whether commercial products or in hairdressing salons. To get to the bottom of it, turn to certified natural colors. You can easily rely on organic cosmetics labels (Cosmebio, Ecocert, BDIH, etc.) Similarly, look for a ecological hair salonwhich will better guide you as to the type of coloring to achieve when you are pregnant.

natural hair coloring

Choose natural hair colors instead © bociek666

Natural coloring products only contain substances derived from plants, known as dyes, to color hair (chamomile, walnut husk…) If you are a fan of do it yourselfyou can also use these ingredients directly for your hair, usually without risk if used in the correct dosage.

Pregnant, you can for example use henna to color your hair, provided it is pure. Buy it preferably in an organic store to ensure the quality of the product.

No coloring during pregnancy?

What if, during pregnancy, it was also the time toassume your natural hair color ? You can take the opportunity to return to more natural beauty rituals and avoid torturing your hair.

You can simply choose toavoid coloring your hair during the entire period of pregnancy and breastfeeding ; we take the party to assume our White hair or its roots. Pregnancy is a period of metamorphoses; we take the opportunity to change our minds!

Banner illustration: Natural hair coloring during pregnancy © Coy_Creek

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