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BIO SUPERMÄRKET Färm: the pleasure of organic in Brussels

BIO SUPERMÄRKET Färm: the pleasure of organic in Brussels

Eat better and consume differently? BrusselsLife recommends “Färm”, the ethical and organic store for shopping with a clear conscience!

The Brussels organic supermarket Färm

Färm, is a supermarket where you can find a large number of products like in any other supermarket in Brussels. The difference ? We offer sustainable organic products at the right price. This organic store is not just a fruit and vegetable and bulk market. Indeed, at Färm we welcome you exactly where you are in your desire for a more sustainable diet.

Do you like meat while trying to reduce your consumption? You will find the best quality meat from local producers. A decisive step towards a more sustainable diet without sacrifice! You will also find at Färm reusable beauty products such as washable cottons. But it’s also the place to find Cups, which are a good alternative to sanitary pads and tampons that generate a lot of waste (and expense!). Shampoos, baby diapers or even organic kibble for our dogs, Färm offers a real range of everyday products!

Discover Färm Westland, the organic supermarket opened in Anderlecht. Come and have a look to discover how organic can revolutionize the way you consume in Brussels.

Organic or Organic?

For Färm, we talk about LA Bio, as a way of life, a philosophy. The aim is to change habits that could easily be improved by the inhabitants of Brussels, in order to go beyond the stage of organic labels. The method of transporting goods is at the heart of Färm’s involvement in short circuits between local producers and consumers. Keeping control over its environmental impact is almost as important as direct contact with local producers to guarantee a fair, organic and profitable sales process for all. At Färm, the products are healthy and the business relationships are too!

Färm is your Brussels organic supermarket for the right reasons - FARM Westland┬®Jules Toulet

Healthy and quality products

What a pleasure to find fruits and vegetables in bulk, filled with soil. No more pesticides and other harmful products for the planet and its inhabitants. In addition, by offering products in bulk, such as various nuts or cereals, Färm considerably reduces waste since the consumer is invited to take their own containers. If you compare organic fruits and vegetables, they are cheaper in organic stores than in supermarkets where they have already undergone several transformations and sometimes long journeys before arriving on the shelves. This is why Färm makes a point of honor to its close collaboration with local producers and the presentation of fruits and vegetables in bulk.

Ultimately, shopping at Färm means realizing thatit is important to move towards a more sustainable diet by favoring organic products but also by supporting our local producers. Currently, the local products section and the bulk section each represent 40% of its turnover. Find the addresses of the various stores located in Brussels on the Färm website. And if you take the plunge to consume healthy and sustainable?

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