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Beauty scoop: the hyaluronic acid expert reveals his anti-aging secret

Beauty scoop: the hyaluronic acid expert reveals his anti-aging secret

Pioneer of the “clinically tested” phenomenon, Rexaline takes up the challenge of skin aging thanks to an unprecedented technology based on hyaluronic acid. The result: clinically proven high performance. We tell you everything…

Did you know that when we are born, our skin is made up of 75% water? This naturally hydrated baby skin loses its luster over time. The guilty ? Loss of hyaluronic acid. Rexaline’s bet? Succeed in penetrating hyaluronic acid into the skin without using a needle. Successful challenge!

Rexaline hyaluronic acid skincare specialist

Rexaline has been a specialist in hyaluronic acid for fifteen years, the result of an alliance between the French founder and a researcher in the US who discovered the powerful synergy of several forms of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid: a transverse complex with moisturizing action on the surface AND in depth. Indeed, its penetration rate is 15 times more powerful than that of a classic hyaluronic acid (figure certified by an independent laboratory). Incorporated into a range of anti-aging products, this complex has earned the Rexaline brand acclaim throughout the world for its remarkable anti-aging performance.


To each skin, its anti-aging!

The concept is simple: for each cosmetic problem, a specific range. To respond to this, Rexaline selects powerful, biotechnological or biomimetic active ingredients (naturally present in our body). These components are then coupled with the exclusive Rexaline complex to target each type of aging. Face creams, serums, eye contour, masks etc. are deployed in skincare routines that are all super-hydrating but adapted to each skin type!

How to choose your anti-aging at Rexaline? Manual !

Reactive skin that does not support anything? The Derma Repair line and its soothing and repairing anti-aging treatments are for you! In addition to the famous Rexaline hyaluronic acid complex, organic vectorized amino acids neutralize premature aging of the skin while extinguishing redness and feelings of tightness.

The Hydra Shock range, meanwhile, comes to the rescue of tired mines. His allies of choice? Red seaweed and desert rose, which retain water in the epidermis and activate the action of hyaluronic acid. Right now: a product from the HYDRA SHOCK range offered for the purchase of another product from the same range.

Mature skin? Fall for the products of the Line Killer range enriched with lipopeptides which reactivate the production of collagen and elastin: an ideal boost to lift the skin and smooth wrinkles in one gesture.

And our beauty crush in all this? The Super-Hydrating Youth Mask which has the power to bring an immediate boost to a woman in a hurry or deep repair during a longer exposure (clinically proven results).


The very glass skin line of Rexaline regenerates stained skin

Latest growth at Rexaline: the Crystal Bright line, which restores radiance to dull and blemished complexions. On the podium of its skincare allies: gallic acid with antioxidant power four times more powerful than vitamin C, for a complexion so glowing! The products in the Crystal Bright line are designed to capture light and reflect it, like crystal. The result ? Crystal clear skin, flawless… Glass skin!

For more info, tips and skincare routines, head over to Rexaline’s Insta page!

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