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Baby perfumes: why we can be tempted?

Baby perfumes: why we can be tempted?

The world of perfumery is not just for adults. Children and even toddlers are also entitled to their perfume. Besides, theBaby perfume is often given to young parents as a birth gift. It then comes in several varieties: perfume, eau de toilette and eau de parfum. This little ritual can integrate baby care routine from the age of three months as was the case for Prince George or for Archie, the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

As the baby has a still developing sense of smell and more fragile skin, many mums have mixed feelings about using baby perfume. Actress Roxane Mesquida even went further by stopping wearing perfume for a while when she became a mother. However, baby perfume is a good thing as long as it is suitable for the child’s skin. Today, there are many reasons to be tempted by “smells good”.

The baby perfume good for developing the sense of smell and disguising small odors

Throughout his first years, the child discovers the world through the senses. Perfume is a great tool to develop baby’s sense of smell. A few drops of perfume can stimulate his senses and even be associated with significant events such as a visit to the grandparents or a flavor he likes. As for adults, perfume can have a second practical function for babies: to mask the bad odors they emit.

Indeed, a baby can sweat. In addition, in their first weeks of life, the sebum secretions of toddlers do not work as well as those of adults. Babies can also regurgitate food that can get lodged in their neck. Finally, small odors may occur around the diaper. The drops of perfume deposited after the morning wash can conceal these small odors without reducing the notes of the latter.

A real landmark in baby’s life

Used very lightly, perfume can become a real key element in baby’s life. If exposed to it very early, ithis unique scent is a landmark. Whether applied to baby’s skin, clothes or comforter, these few drops reassure him and give him confidence. In the first weeks of the child’s life, the perfume must therefore remain the same so that it keeps its bearings. As soon as the milestone of 6 months has passed, changing perfume more regularly is possible. But the child also has his personality and his tastes: he can then prefer the perfume to which he has become accustomed.

Products that do not contain alcohol and are gentle on children’s skin

Just like cosmetics and children’s care, perfumes and other scented waters meet very strict standards. From their creation, these perfumes intended for toddlers are subject to a selection of specific raw materials. They do not contain alcohol or in very small quantities and are hypoallergenic. Then these perfumes are subjected to safety tests and specific evaluations. Once these examinations and conditions have been met, baby perfumes are available for sale in pharmacies, drugstores and supermarkets.

Major brands in the world of fashion and perfumery now offer their version intended for children under 3 years old, such as Lolita Lempicka, IKKS or Jacadi. If perfumes can be gendered from 3 years old, scented waters, perfumes and toilet waters for babies are generally unisex. As for the scents, they have sweet notes evoking for example vanilla or more floral and slightly musky notes. Before 3 months, it is still recommended to apply the perfume to the clothes rather than to the child’s skin.

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