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Baby massage oil: which one to choose?

Baby massage oil: which one to choose?

The expert: Emilie De Carvalho Lima Pojer, midwife

To promote the bond of attachment with your baby, moisturize his sensitive skin, relax him after a long day… Nothing better than a little oil massage for your baby. Advice for a successful moment of complicity by Emilie De Carvalho Lima Pojer, midwife.

What massage oil is used for infants? An organic oil?

“To massage a baby, I always invite mothers to choose a vegetable oilpreferably of biological origin”, Emilie De Carvalho Lima Pojer first explains. ” It is important that they also take care that there is no additives inside, be it perfumes or otherwise”. An organic, vegetable massage oil which will therefore be neutral, and composed of ingredients of natural origin.

Calendula, grapeseed… Which type of vegetable oil should you prefer?

For the type of oil, there is the choice: oil of jojobaof calendulaolive, sunfloweravocado, grape seeds… ” It should not be confused vegetable oilss and essential oils. The latter are not at all intended for massages. We also avoid sweet almond oil, which can be allergenic for the baby,” adds the midwife. Indeed, essential oils are intended to treat certain symptoms such as headachesuch as peppermint essential oil, but not at all to deliver a massage to the baby.

Weleda, Mustela, spray, gel… Which brand and which format to choose for a massage?

There is a wide range of massage oils on the market, in different formats, different brands, and with different ingredients. But for Emilie De Carvalho Lima Pojer, there really isn’t a difference, you just have to choose what suits her best. « The “gentle” baby massage oil from Weleda often serves as a reference. This brand has been a reference for a long time for baby massage products, especially with calendula oil. Otherwise, I also recommend a massage oil from Mustela, based on avocado oil, with a gel texture. It is by heating in the hands, with the massage, that the gel turns into oil, I find that nice. But sunflower or olive oil classic may as well do the trick. » The massage oil containers can come in a 100 ml spray, for easier use.

Where can I find baby massage oil?

Baby massage oils are products sold most of the time in pharmacies or parapharmacy. But many brands are also distributed in supermarkets, often at more advantageous prices. “Don’t be afraid to compare prices. You can sometimes find exactly the same products in pharmacies and in mallsold much cheaper,” insists the midwife.

To give your baby a well-being and gentle massage, you must first make sure you are in a room with enough heated for the comfort of the child. “You can choose a privileged moment with your baby, like after his bath. It’s a good way to establish this little moment as a sweetness ritual», adds Emilie De Carvalho Lima Pojer.

What kind of massage is used for infants? Is it possible from birth?

The massages can be started in the first days following the birth of the child, and generally, they are carried out regularly during its first months of life, even during all its first year. You will see how baby will appreciate it! “You can massage your child’s whole body, but not necessarily the face. Before starting the massage, heat a little baby massage oil in your hands. We start with the upper body, we massage his torsothen each limb, arms and legs, individually” explains the midwife. “You have to take your time, massage well without putting too much pressure on each part of his child’s body and interacting with him, it is important. We look at it, we smile at him, we talk to him… We always keep a hand on the baby, in order to secure him during this particular moment. »

As for adults, massage provides rest and relaxation. In addition to being a pleasant moment, its beneficial effects are undeniable. It is also a health ally effective in reducing all the little ailments that cause concern for the baby: infant colic, difficulty falling asleep, constipation, teething…

Prepare your own baby massage oil

Here is a recipe for creating a massage oil yourself:

The following recipe can be made from oils that you can choose to be of organic origin. And is composed of only three ingredients:

– of calendula oil (you can also choose an oil macerate, which is an oil in which the plant has macerated) to soften and soften baby’s skin;

– of camelina oilrich in omega 3 and omega 6, which has restorative and anti-eczematous properties;

– olive oil, for its emollient and softening properties.

In terms of accessories, you will need a 30ml pump bottle. For the recipe, just add a third of the pump bottle of each oil (i.e. 10 ml each time). You must then close the pump bottle tightly and shake to mix the oils. It’s ready !

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