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Baby food: the super food for infants you never think of

Baby food: the super food for infants you never think of

  • Veronique Greenwood
  • BBC Future

Photo credit, Getty Images

Persistent shortages in the United States have shed light on a staple that most often stays out of the spotlight: infant formula (milk closest in chemical composition to a woman’s milk).

Infant formula has been making headlines in the United States lately, as the closure of one of the country’s largest manufacturing plants due to contamination has caused a severe shortage.

As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration searches for new sources of formula overseas, brings in emergency supplies, and tries to help the factory get back to business, parents fight to get what they have need to feed their babies.

The situation is shocking – on the one hand it raises the question of why such an essential product as infant formula is at the mercy of a single manufacturer – and on the other hand many people wonder what the parents in the past, before big corporations produced the product that became the backbone of so many lives.

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