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Baby care at birth: hygiene, bath, products, gestures

Baby care at birth: hygiene, bath, products, gestures

Young mothers coming out of the maternity ward are sometimes at a loss when it comes to caring for their baby, especially if it is their first child. Care of the umbilical cord, giving a bath, blowing your baby’s nose, cutting his nails… Discover the first steps to take as soon as you get home.

[Mise à jour du 26 juillet 2022]. Here you are parents, with your newborn in your arms, which you will have to take care of at all times! From the leaving the maternity wardmany care must be lavished on him, starting with his hygiene. Bathing, changing his diaper, taking care of the umbilical cord until he falls, cleaning his nose and ears, blowing your baby’s nose, cutting his nails… So many gestures that you will have to master as soon as you return to the home. But rest assured, you will be accompanied by your midwife every step of the way. Find here all our advice on infant care, after birth:

Hygiene, bath and baby toilet: how to go about it?

baby’s bath

Baby’s toilet should not be a test of stress and anxiety for the parents, but on the contrary a moment of complicity and sharing. It is recommended to give the bath every two to three days since the baby only soils the seat and the diaper is changed regularly. Use a washcloth, soap and water and clean baby from the head down (the buttocks last), passing well behind the ears, in the neck and the nape of the neck, under the armpits, between the toes , etc. Be sure to always hold baby’s head and shoulders in place to keep him properly out of the water and soap with the other hand. The water temperature must be 37°C. You can use products adapted to the baby’s age to give him his bath, or simply water and soap. Cleaning baby’s ears, nose and eyes must be done daily, as you learned to do in the maternity ward.

umbilical cord care

For the umbilical cord, which will fall off on its own between the fifth and fifteenth day after birth, it is recommended to apply eosin to its base, to let it air as much as possible and to arrange the diaper in such a way that that she does not rub on it.

The baby change

Remember to check and change baby’s diaper regularly. If it is a little boy, clean the penis from top to bottom, then the testicles by lifting them to pass well below, without forgetting the anus. Put the penis back down before putting on his diaper. If you have a little girl, then it will be necessary to take care to clean well from the vulva towards the back of the buttocks in order to avoid bacteria. the calcial lining is particularly effective for diaper care.

All our advice on baby care at birth:

Which products to choose for baby care?

Parents make sure to use the best baby skin products. Should we opt for water and soap, organic products? Liniment, body and hair gel suitable for babies… Here is our selection of newborn care products that you can use for a clean baby.

Baby health at birth and medical care

The baby care at birth also concern medical examinations, some of which are carried out in the first days following childbirth. They make it possible to monitor the good development of the baby: his height, his weight, his heart rate, but also his sight, his hearing, his reflexes. Also find all our advice for taking care of baby’s health:

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