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a range beyond simple organic

a range beyond simple organic

More and more parents are looking for organic for their young children, aware that it is better both for them and for the planet. Brands must not only delight children with quality products, but also offer balanced, healthy recipes without artificial or superfluous ingredients.

Diet for young children: ripe fruit and more organic vegetable proteins

At a time when it is becoming necessary to rethink the way we eat, HiPP Organic, the family brand that has pioneered organic for more than 65 years for babies and young children, is continuing its efforts. For example, with seasonal fruits picked when ripe and the introduction of ancient cereals in its gourds. For households wishing to reduce their meat consumption, the infant food brand offers – among other things – complete vegetarian recipes with balanced combinations (for example preparations mixing lentils, vegetables and rice).

As for preparations containing meat, they systematically take animal welfare into account, with organic food, animals raised in the open air and growing up alongside their mother.

So many recipes to discover to please your little one with a taste close to homemade. It is also a solution to be in tune with oneself and one’s consumption desires.

A positive brand for the planet: it offsets more greenhouse gases than it generates

Since 2022, HiPP Biologique has gone even further in its environmental approach. Indeed, it is no longer satisfied with simply limiting its emissions: it helps nature to offset CO2 over the long term. HiPP Organic thus contributes to maintaining healthy soils and protecting biodiversity.

The compensation is found throughout the manufacturing process, from the growth of food in the fields, to the breeding of animals, through the manufacturing and even the management of the warehouses from which the small glass jars are shipped, the plates, cereals and water bottles that you will offer your child.

Thus, since this year, HiPP Organic has had a positive impact on the planet, as the brand offsets more greenhouse gases than it generates.

Commitments that go beyond organic legislation

A pioneer in organic farming in Europe, HiPP also stands out as a particularly reliable and reassuring company, thanks to its standards that are even stricter than those required by law. Its own HiPP Bio label involves more controls than those imposed by the organic law for small pots.

A truly reassuring approach for parents looking for safe food!

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