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A first baby of the year 2023 (very) in a hurry at the Montluçon maternity hospital

Un premier bébé de l

Well ahead of his time… This is how to qualify Owen, the first baby of the year 2023 born in the maternity ward of the Montluçon hospital center (Allier). His term was scheduled for February 13, but the little boy did not want to wait so long, preferring to point the tip of his nose on the night of this Sunday, January 1.

The birth

Owen landed at exactly 12:55 a.m. That is thirty-four weeks of pregnancy and only 2.570 kg for this premature baby. But he and his mom are doing well. The little one was immediately taken care of by the night teams in the bouncing Kangaroo Unit, the establishment’s neonatal service.

“I was celebrating New Year’s Eve with my husband and my other children when I felt contractions,” says the mother, a Montluçonnaise already mother of two girls and five boys. “I waited a bit because I wasn’t completely sure, and then it got more and more complicated so we went to the hospital.” Admitted at 11:38 p.m., the young woman gave birth just over an hour later.

“Everything went well. Between the paramedics, the midwives, the pediatrician… I was very well surrounded. »

Owen’s mom (empty)


Enough to calmly welcome this newcomer who is extremely in a hurry. “We weren’t expecting it and we were a little scared because he wasn’t due yet, but now he’s in good health and well looked after, that’s the most important thing”. Important to note also for the staff.

“This is an opportunity to remember that mothers can give birth prematurely in Montluçon, that it is going well, that we have pediatricians on site and professionals to welcome them! »

Brigitte Berdugo (midwife, far right in photo)

“It shows that our maternity is working, with a good level of care,” she adds. Witness the 936 cherubim who uttered their first cry there in 2022, compared to 969 in 2021. As for Owen? He will stay between three weeks and a month under surveillance, taken care of in the Kangaroo Unit… The time to recover from his very first emotions.

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