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a dietitian’s top tips for losing fat while eating more are revealed

a dietitian's top tips for losing fat while eating more are revealed

Brisbane registered dietitian and nutritionist Leanne Ward reveals the secret to losing fat while eating more, and even sneaking in sweets.

Leanne encourages sustainable weight loss by eating whole foods and certain foods, rather than cutting out food groups.

The new mum has revealed that the “secret formula” for fat loss is to focus on what you can add to your meals, rather than stopping eating them.

Dietitian and nutritionist Leanne Ward has revealed the secrets to weight loss that don’t require cutting out food groups altogether

The new mom says the “secret formula” for fat loss actually focuses on what you can add to your diet, rather than taking it away. She believes a healthy meal is high in carbs with fiber, lean protein, healthy fats, three or more colorful vegetables, and a small serving size.

She said your main meal should include fiber-rich carbs, lean protein, healthy fats, three or more colorful vegetables, and a small meal to finish.

Rather than extreme dieting, Leanne believes a balanced diet will lead to sustainable, long-term fat loss and a healthy body.

“If the thought of doing something to help you lose weight makes you shiver…stop! mother said.

If you can’t see yourself doing something for at least 12 months (to create a lasting habit to get out of it), there’s no point in doing it because any weight you lose with the strict behavior means you’re likely to taking it comes down to the second you stop in which the act of behavior.

The nutritionist revealed that she participated in the yo-yo diet when she was younger and never saw long-term results.

She explained: “Young people tried throwing things away 100 times before I realized that adding more nutritious foods and allowing sweets in smaller amounts (rather than restricting them and then overdoing them) was the key to long-term balance.

Since following a complete and balanced diet, Leanne has been committed to a healthy diet and lifestyle for ten years without ever “falling off the wagon”.

The dietitian tried cutting out food many times in her youth, but learned that eating whole foods and a balanced diet is the best way to lose weight.

Leanne’s top tips for healthy living

*stop thinking about it

* Eat in moderation

* Exercise 3-4 times a week

* Get 7-8 hours of sleep per week

* Manage your stress

* Repeat forever

(source: the_fitness_dietitian)

Moms’ top tips for losing weight are to make it a way of life, stop crash dieting, and create habits you enjoy.

She explained, “Often when I work with my trained clients, I increase their food intake (but reduce overall calories) and their body goes from gaining weight to losing fat (without going hungry! ).

Leanne also discusses healthy fat loss and all things nutrition on her diet couch podcast.

Leanne and her husband David gave birth to their daughter Mia ten months ago and Leanne is already back to her pre-pregnancy weight

Leanne has proven her fat loss tips work after she has already shed the 22kg she’s gained during pregnancy since giving birth to baby daughter Mia ten months ago.

The mother returned to her pre-pregnancy weight by the time she was eight months postpartum by following her Lean Gut Mind workout plan for her clients, staying consistent and remembering to “win the run slowly and steadily”.

“The most important thing I’ve learned is that it’s hard to make healthy choices and exercise regularly with bad sleep, a full-time job, a baby, running two businesses, try to have a social life and build a new house,” she said. .

“I’ve never been perfect, just constant fucking every week. »

The mum shared this post about her postpartum weight loss journey. It’s one month after birth in the top row of photos and eight months after birth in the bottom row

Previously, the nutritionist had revealed exactly how much groceries she got every time she went to the supermarket – and recommended it for ‘time-strapped’ people who wanted to prioritize their health.

Leanne has photographed herself shopping at her local Woolworths and recommends you choose a mix of produce from the five basic food groups – grains, vegetables, pulses, fruit, dairy, alternatives, meats and alternatives.

In a clip shared with her 292,000 subscribers, she started picking the fruit.

“Start with fresh, frozen and canned fruit,” she explained, gathering grapes, bananas, frozen berries and garlic paste.

After that, I ate salads, nuts and legumes.

“Then we will add as many pre-sliced ​​and pre-cut vegetables as possible and put them in a cart or basket,” she explained.

Next, Lian picked up whole beets, an Asian-style salad, carrots, zucchini spaghetti, and pre-chopped rainbow vegetables.

A nutritionist has revealed the exact amount of groceries she gets every time she goes to the supermarket – what she recommends for ‘time-strapped’ people who want to prioritize health

Lianne Ward, from Brisbane, pictured herself shopping at her local Woolworths and recommends choosing a mix of produce from the five basic food groups – grains, vegetables, pulses, fruit, dairy, alternatives, meats and alternatives.

“Then we want nuts, seeds and pulses,” she explained.

“We will prioritize our plant-based protein sources. »

Leanne’s choices included a sumptuous mix of nuts, canned chickpeas and lentil soup.

Then I took whole-grain carbs, including brown rice, quinoa, and high-fiber pasta.

In a clip shared with her 292,000 followers, she started by choosing fruits and vegetables and then meat alternatives

Finally, she switched to dairy and alternatives, including probiotic yogurt, cottage cheese, and tofu.

Finish by collecting meat and alternative protein sources – including salmon and eggs.

“A quick and easy guide to good supermarket nutrition,” she wrote in the caption.

Come shop with a dietitian and see what I recommend for people who are short on time and still want to put their health first. You’ll see the foods I buy and use every day, but how do you know if your choices are good for you?

Leanne advised choosing a mix of frozen, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, including blueberries and garlic

Do you know if you are getting the right mix of the five essential food groups? Cereals, vegetables, legumes, fruits, dairy products and their substitutes, meat and their substitutes.

Fans were quick to comment on the tips, which she described as “very helpful.”

Someone said, “I like that.

Another added: “We love this routine. »

“Oh my God, I loved that!!! Please do more!!! Another commented.

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