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11-month-old baby found in an alcoholic coma and left to fend for himself

11-month-old baby found in an alcoholic coma and left to fend for himself

Sordid scene for Aube relief in October 2022. They discovered three children, including an 11-month-old infant, alone in the apartment of their uncle, who had been away to go shopping.

Especially the baby was in a comatose state: he had consumed alcohol, traces of cannabis were also found in his body. His two brothers also showed signs of abuse.

The uncle, to whom the mother had given custody of the children at the beginning of October, appeared on Friday November 18, 2022 before the court in Troyes (Aube) for “negligence and deprivation of care”, as reports the East Eclair .

Uncle was drunk driving

The case would never have been discovered if the uncle had not caused an accident, drunk driving. In a burst of lucidity, he told the emergency services that his three very young nephews were alone at home. At the helm, he will explain that he was absent to go shopping.

The police went to the address indicated by the motorist and discovered the three children aged 11 months, 4 and 5 years, completely abandoned to their fate. The house is in a terrible state, leftover food is strewn on the ground. The smallest is in a cozy, his two brothers are prostrate on the ground, one of them in the fetal position hugs his comforter against him, reports Eastern Lightning.

For the uncle, it’s the fault of the elders

Examinations will reveal a level of 0.15 grams of alcohol in the baby’s blood, or an alcoholic coma. Traces of cannabis were also found in the toddler’s urine.

“The baby’s condition was so worrying that he was sent to the pediatric emergency room in Reims. A 30-day ITT for a baby! », sorry Mickael Mercier, the deputy public prosecutor of Troyes. “You can’t rely on sir to understand. Nor on relatives, for that matter. It was time for these children to be placed,” launched the magistrate of the parquet floor.

How could an 11 month old drink alcohol? The uncle explained that the two older children probably unwittingly gave alcohol to their little brother.

Sentenced to prison

The court sentenced the man, plagued by alcohol problems, to three years in prison, including nine months with a reinforced probationary sentence. He will also have to compensate his three nephews up to €1,500 for the youngest and €1,000 for each of the other two children.

The mother, who had entrusted her three children for three weeks to her brother to join a friend in Portugal, while knowing her addiction problems, will in turn appear in court in February 2023.

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